An Experienced IVD Partner for Companion Diagnostics

Corgenix is not new to the IVD market or collaborating for development of liquid biopsy protein IVDs.

During our more than 20 year history, we have developed an expertise in liquid biopsy protein diagnostics, launching more than 50 ELISA IVDs (510K/CE) for CVD risk, autoimmune diseases, thrombosis, hemostasis and liver fibrosis and partnering with more than a dozen companies to support their protein diagnostic Contract Manufacturing needs.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Corgenix. We understand the demands and pressures of working with a partner under a co-development timeline. We adapt our vision/goals to match yours and bring a transparency mindset to every collaboration, so that every partnership is built on a foundation of trust, transparency and communication.

We are a committed partner that can meet all of your requirements:

  • Technical
  • Regulatory/Clinical
  • Quality
  • Commercial

We focus on meeting your goals:

  • Small, yet scalable-we can make adjustments quickly
  • Flexible and adaptable- without losing sight of the goal
  • Culture of Collaboration- we take the long-term view, provide transparent communication and ensure alignment in our plans

From proof-of-concept to IVD, Corgenix can help make Personalized Medicine a reality for patients.