Vascular disease can be very difficult to diagnose due to the wide variety of symptoms that a patient can present. Vascular disease manifests in a variety of forms and can often lead to death in the worst case scenarios. The vascular product line Corgenix offers covers a multitude of vascular disease problems including various bleeding and clotting problems such as von Willebrand’s Disease. Corgenix products provide physicians with results they can trust, allowing them to provide patients with treatment they can count on.

Corgenix manufactures and commercializes vascular products worldwide.

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In addition to the line of products for bleeding and clotting disorders, our AspirinWorks is a very unique product for determining the effect of aspirin on platelets. Over 80 million Americans take daily aspirin to reduce the risk of having a heart attack. The AspirinWorks test tells the physician whether or not the patient’s aspirin is giving them the protective results they expect. The Corgenix product is the only FDA cleared product to make this important determination.

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